Welcome to Gate of Hip-Hop official website, where the road will take you to a lot hip-hop knowledge and nostalgia. The main purpose of Gate of Hip-Hop is to give you reviews on hip-hop albums (new and old). We also have a hip-hop Spotify playlist for you hip-hop heads called "Doc LJ's Therapy". Our goal at Gate of Hip-Hop is to make you relive some hip-hop nostalgia, giving you some hip-hop knowledge on certain facts and events, and to bring a whole community of hip-hop lovers together.  
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This section is where you can read all the reviews on recent hip-hop albums and old school albums. You can also view articles on any hip-hop subjects such as events, discussions, new hits, well anything relating to hip-hop. If you have any requests for any throwback albums for me review, feel free to contact me.