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21 Savage and Metro Boomin are still savage

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Rapper 21 Savage and hip-hop producer Metro Boomin are back together again with a new album that came out on October 2nd, 2020 called Savage Mode II which is a follow-up to their mixtape Savage Mode back in 2016. The album was announced by 21 Savage at a concert on July 19th, 2019 while standing next to Metro Boomin. The 15 song project features Drake, Young Thug, Young Nudy, and a special appearance from Morgan Freeman. Savage Mode II is released under Epic Records.

The album starts with "Intro" as an introduction narrated by the legendary actor Morgan Freeman. The song "Runnin" is a good beat to start the album and to vibe with. Metro Boomin did a good job playing the Diana Ross sample throughout the whole song as it ends with a narration by Morgan Freeman. The banging vibe continues as Metro Boomin did a good job of making "Glock In My Lap" following up the previous song. 21 Savage's flow and wordplay are fun to listen to and quite clever too. "Mr. Right Now" is featuring Drake where both rappers talk about their relationship with girls and passing them by. Another good switch for the following song is "Rich N**** Sh*t" featuring Young Thug. The instrumental is good and melodic especially when you hear the saxophone part. Then we have the song "Slidin" followed by "Many Men" which has a sick instrumental by Metro Boomin, and 21 Savage's style of rap and his flow fit well on the song, what a great tribute from both artist to 50 Cent's original 2003 "Many Men". The song finishes with an outro by Morgan Freeman, a good 10/10 song.

At the halfway point of Savage Mode II, we have an interlude narrated by Morgan Freeman called "Snitches & Rats". Then we have street and gangster songs like "Snitches & Rats" featuring Young Nudy who is 21 Savage's cousin, followed by "My Dawg" where 21 mentions the issue that he encountered regarding the UK and his VISA. "Steppin On N****s" is a cool boom-bap song mixed with 21 Savage's street lyrics. Following those songs are "Brand New Draco" and "No Opp Left Behind". Next up, we have the song "RIP Luv" where 21 Savage opens and rap about his lost love and the pain, he had for losing his friends due to street violence. Metro Boomin did a great job on the instrumental on sampling Nas "Take It In Blood", and Morgan Freeman again delivered a nice song outro by stating "Truly genuine love never really dies, But lust, infatuation, and unrevealed attraction are all things that over time rarely survive". The album finishes with the song "Said N Done" which has a nice a smooth and tone-down beat followed by a last and beautiful message from Morgan Freeman.

Savage Mode II is a good sequel from Savage Mode. 21 Savage and Metro Bommin showed that they can put out good work together. I prefer Savage Mode II to the first one. As a producer, Metro Boomin showed that he can make the songs follow each other on the album without making them sound like a bunch of filler songs, and top of that, having Morgan Freeman doing the savage narrator in the album, added an extra quality into it. Songs like "Many Men", "RIP Luv", "Steppin On N*****" and "Runnin" were my favorites on this project. Overall, this is a good album to vibe to.

Lyrics: 3/5

Content: 3/5

Beat Instrumental: 3/5

Album Production: 4/5

Overall Score: 3/5

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