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50 Cent is open to do a Verzuz battle with The Game!

Yesterday, we had an announcement that 50 Cent was open to do a Verzuz battle between himself and his former rival and G-Unit member, The Game. The Get Rich and Die Tryin' rapper confirmed yesterday in an interview on Big Boy's Neighborhood that it would make the most sense for him do a battle with the Compton rapper, and despite the beef and break up, 50 also said he'd rather see The Game benefit from the opportunity and momentum than anyone else. For those who don't know, Verzuz is a friendly battle between 2 rappers who must play in their mind, their best songs.

Business-wise and viewer wise, this Verzuz battle will attract a lot of hip-hop fans. The only issue is, 50 Cent added a stipulation that The Game cannot play any of his records with 50's voice on it. Now I thought of it, even though most of The Documentary and Game's hits have 50 on them which are How We Do, Hate It or Love It and Westside Story, 50 is right but even he should not play them either except for Hate It or Love It because this was 50's record at first before giving it to Game.

You must wonder which songs can Game play against 50 and vice versa right? 50 Cent has 5 studio albums versus The Game who has 8 of them, plus both have fire mixtapes. When it comes to both first albums, GRODT vs The Documentary, well 50 Cent has a whole album with songs like In Da Club, 21 Questions, PIMP, If I Can't, just let's say the whole album vs The Game who has Dreams, Put You On The Game, Higher, Don't Need Your Love, Start From Scratch. Game's 1st album is a classic of his own as well, he just can't play its biggest hits. Career-wise Game can play other songs like One Blood, Let's Ride, Wouldn't Get Far, My Life, Dope Boys, Camera Phone, Born In The Trap, and as a featured rapper, Game is better than 50 Cent. As far as 50's other career songs, he has a bunch of songs in The Massacre like Disco Inferno, Candy Shop, Piggy Bank, Outta Control, the GRODT movie soundtrack, I Get Money, Ayo Technology, Straight To The Bank, Ok You're Right. If they're allowed to play their mixtapes, early days and during his beef with G-Unit, The Game was killing it, but I have to give the mixtape title to 50 because even after selling millions of records, his mixtapes were just too great, The Big 10 and The Kanan Tape for his TV show Power come as examples. Now mainstream wise, we know 50 is winning, but it comes to the streets, it all depends on the fans style.

In my opinion, people should not sleep on Game because he does have great songs, and his second album, Doctor's Advocate is a crazy album. As a fan of both, I have to go with 50 Cent because except for GRODT, people are sleeping a lot on The Massacre and Before I Self Destruct. I can say Game can have better bars than 50, but 50 Cent story-telling songs are the reason why 50 is a better rapper for me. What do you think about this battle, should it happen and who do you got as the winner and why?

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