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A Loud Success in Montreal

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

We all know that Canada is now respectfully on the hip-hop map thanks to rappers like Drake and Tory Lanez who are both from Ontario. Let's also not forget Montreal's DJ and producer Kaytranada who made quite a name for himself for the past 4 years and he also had the honor and privilege to appear in former U.S. president, Barack Obama's 2019 list of favorite music, which makes Kaytranada the only Canadian artist in Obama's list. Even though Kaytranada currently has a successful career in hip-hop, it's still hard for Montreal's rappers to make it to the industry. One rapper who maybe did not catch the eye of Americans yet but created a big buzz in the province of Quebec and France is Loud. Loud's real name Simon Cliche Trudeau, is a 31 years old rapper and songwriter from Montreal and began his music career in 2008 with his high school friend Lary and producer Adjust to form the group called Loud Lary Adjust. Together they recorded 2 albums, (Blue Volvo and Gullywood) and 2 EPs. The group later separated in 2016 which led Loud to pursue a solo career. He released his first EP called New Phone with the hit song "56K" which draw the attention of so many people via Youtube with 3.9 million views and the song made Loud win the "Prix de la Chanson Socan" in 2018.

Even though Loud was around for the past 4 years, it's just recently that I first heard about the Canadian rapper through a friend of mine. My impression about Loud was, his musical vibe and his producers instrumentals were good and smooth, and I couldn't lie the man has bars and his hip-hop knowledge was there because of some verses he would drop in his songs like the one called "Il Etait Moins Une" where he interpolates "Nas is Like" by Nas, "As far as rap goes, Only natural qu'on explore mon parcours." Now I know what you might be saying, "he's rapping in English and then in French, I don't understand", I'll get to that later. With his first EP done in 2017, Loud released in that same year his first album Une Annee Record. I listened to the album at least 3 times and being from Montreal, I liked how Loud's flow and style reflected the Montreal's vibe. His mix of rapping between English and French (Frenglish), was well done in his song, and his rap ability cannot be denied. Une Annee Record contains the popular songs "Nouveaux Riches", "TTTTT" and "Toutes Les Femmes Savent Danser" which has a similar vibe to Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You." The album was a huge success for Loud as he won the Prix Felix for Hip-Hop album of the year and in 2019 the album won the Juno Award for Francophone Album of The Year. The album success did not stop there, Canadians were not the only one who enjoyed Loud's album, France was also attracted to the rapper which led him to perform his first concert in France to a sold-out crowd. Back to Une Annee Record, I enjoyed the album myself as a hip-hop fan, songs like "Nouveaux Riches", "Toutes Les Femmes Savent Danser", and "Une Annee Record" are good tracks to vibe to, Loud shows his lyrical abilities on the songs "Il Etait Moins Une" and "Devenir Immortel (et puis mourir)", and he goes personal in songs like "TTTTT." All his videos on Youtube have at least a minimum of 1.5 million views.

After a crazy year in 2018, on May 24th, 2019, Loud decided to release his second album Tout Ca pour Ca with the lead single "Fallait Y'aller" and the song "Sometimes, All The Time" featuring Charlotte Cardin. A week after the release of the album, Loud did a concert on at the Bell Centre in Montreal for the album release. For a young rapper who created a buzz in his hometown, Loud sold out the arena for 2 nights with over 8 000 people in attendance. At the event, Loud was thankful to his fans who came from around the world to see him perform and it was the first time that a rapper from Quebec was the main event at the Bell Centre. The second album was good no doubt about it, but I honestly preferred the first album. Loud's music can be heard in Montreal's radio stations and he has performed at Spectrum, Metropolis, Club Soda, Just For Laughs, Bell Centre and even in France. Loud had two back-to-back crazy years and what could be in store for him in 2020. Well, he will be on Tour by fall 2020 around the province of Quebec, and you can buy your tickets by visiting www.loud2020tour.com.

If you have never heard of Loud before, you can listen to all of his music on his Youtube channel, Spotify and Apple Music, and for my American hip-hop fans, I know that the French/English mix can be confusing, but give this guy a listen and I'm sure you won't regret it.




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