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CMW's Tha Chill is on the lookout with his new album Fohead

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Hip-Hop veteran and West Coast OG, Tha Chill released a new project album called Fohead on May 15th, 2020. Tha Chill has been in the hip-hop scene for a very long time, as he started as one of the frontmen with MC Eiht to form the group Compton's Most Wanted in 1989. Remember songs like "Growing Up In The Hood", "Late Night Hype" or "The Hood Took Me Under", yup that was them. One of the reasons why the West Coast is my favorite coast to listen in hip-hop, it's because they never completely switched and changes their styles, since the '80s, you can notice that the sound sonically evolved but they never forgot their origins and their Californian culture and that's what rappers like Tha Chill are all about. Aside from being a rapper, Chill is also a producer and I consider him a Westcoast coast guard, as he was part of Westcoast supergroup 1st Generation in 2011 with MC Eiht, Jayo Felony, Kurupt, King T, and Gangsta, and he also formed the group Tha Diirty OGz with Kurupt, Tray Deee, Weazel Loc and Kokane in 2016 with their album We Got Now and Next. With more than 30 years in the hip-hop game, let's find out what Californian activities and sound Tha Chill has in store for us on his new album that features MC Eiht, Kurupt, Rosco, Kokane, MC Ren, Kxng Crooked, Suga Free, James Savage (Jayo Felony), and more.

The album starts with the song "Papper" featuring Tre Legend where Chill raps about his OG status and that even at an age he could settle down with his family, which I'm sure he is doing, Chill is still about getting his money right. Then we have the song "Throw Flamez" featuring BL, Kurupt, and his little brother Rosco. The instrumental has a dark late night hype gangsta vibe to it including some heavy gangsta lyricism which is not for the weak ears. The song "Fuc It Up" has a cool vibe to listen to it which is smooth and gangsta at the same time, Chill raps about an ordinary day in Cali with his mind on his money and his loved ones. Then we have a melodic instrumental for the track "Murderation" featuring MC Eiht where both CMW originators are showing that they still have some street stories to rap about, and their skills regarding has not vanished throughout the decades. I might have said that the instrumental was melodic, but that I meant a melodic street instrumental where most of Cali rappers excels at that. "Motivated" is where Tha Chill raps about his motivation and even call himself Chill Mamba, (R.I.P. Kobe Bryant), on a throwback 80's style of beat and Chill goes a rapping barrage with a nice flow. The following song is a cool old school west coast type of beat that sounds so freshly new, called "RNO" which features the legendary Kokane, who I would like to say is next to Nate Dogg when it comes to delivering some deadly hooks. Then we have the song "It Anit That Eazay" which has a bouncy beat to it. With the featuring help of Suga Free, Kurupt and Cheverly Hills on the hook, the Californian OGs rap about pimping (mostly Suga Free), and how they can't ever trust a lying woman from the streets. The song could have also used a feature from E-40 as he would have fit well with the beat and the subject as well.

We're halfway through the album with the song "Give Me Dat" featuring Boo Boo Chill. We're going back to 1990 with a killer funky instrumental for the track titled "Murda Rap" featuring Kxng Crooked (Crooked I), and James Savage (Jayo Felony). Just like the title says, the song is a murder as all 3 rappers went on a lyrical homicide, but I must give the best verse to KXNG Crooked with his sick flow, bravo to all 3 rappers on this song. "I Got Long Range" starts with a cute introduction where Chill's daughter goes to the ice cream truck to buy some ice creams but then it turns into jack move, not so cute now but hilarious. The song features Kitty and MC Eiht where the instrumental is cold and gangsta, and Chill, Kitty and, Eiht kept their lyrics gangsta. The same vibe continues in the track "STFU" featuring Erica Evans and Tha Chill also takes the time to give some shot out to west coast rappers and entrepreneurs. When two rappers from two legendary hip-hop groups come together, expect some fire. Which is the case for the song "The Hook Up" remix where Tha Chill raps along with Luniz member Yuk Mouth, and the song is just too banging on this dope instrumental. Tha Chill being from Compton, California, he had to give us a track to get our bounce and groove on with the song "We Here" featuring Bo Roc. The last song of the album is called "Lost" which I think is the most important of the album and Tha Chill brought the one and only Ruthless Villain from N.W.A, MC Ren. Both Compton legends rap about how hip-hop is lost right now with what is always heavily being played on the radio, yet Tha Chill takes his time to honor and respect the pioneers, legends and the rappers with who he came up with in hip-hop, and Tha Chill also shows his respect to the new generation of rappers he enjoys listening too. Another man who never shies away since the '90s from speaking about rappers who are not true to the game is MC Ren, and after more than 30 years, Ren's flow is still as Ruthless as ever.

I know in the review, the word gangsta was mentioned a lot to describe most of the songs in Fohead but the album has nothing to do with drugs, violence or murder. Are these subjects that Chill has witnessed and been part of it throughout his life? Yes, but now he shows with the same type of Westcoast sound and vibe that he evolved from all that and he's taking care of his family, having fun with the homies and investing in his wealth so that his children can have an easier and safe pattern for their future. Musically wise, Fohead is just your typical OG west coast sound that cannot be duplicated or imitated because when it comes to hip-hop, CMW, Tha Dogg Pound, Kokane, Ice Cube, and Snoop Dogg always stayed true to who they are musically. Fohead still has that CMW old school vibe, Tha Chill still raps about the hood but that's what his style is all about.

Lyrics: 3.5/5

Content: 3.5/5

Beat Instrumental: 3.5/5

Album Production: 3.5/5

Overall Score: 3.5/5

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