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Enter the 9th Chamber with Inspectah Deck!

Member of the Wu-Tang Clan and Czarface group member Inspectah Deck released his 4th solo album "Chamber No. 9" on July 17th, 2019 under the label Urban Icon Records. The album features Cappadonna, Hellfire, Mz. Geminii, Streetlife and Trife Diesel. Let's see what the laid back rapper from the Wu has to say on his new album.

The album starts with the song "Shaolin Rebel" where the song has a Shaolin sample and your typical Wu-Tang Shaolin vibe. Then we have the song "No Good", which has a good instrumental and some good lyrical content from Inspectah Deck. "Russell Jones" starts with a sample freestyle from the late and former Wu-Tang Clan member, Ol' Dirty Bastard, whose real name is Russell Jones. Inspectah Deck dedicated this song to ODB by spitting some lyrical raw content on this gutter instrumental, Rest in Peace ODB. "Can't Stay Away" is a homage to all the MC's that influenced Inspectah Deck in the past and those who paved the way for him to be an artist. The introduction of the song is an Ice Cube interview where he explains how the game affects him, then the song goes on with Inspectah Deck putting his MC skills to work along with a couple of samples which are famous lines from hip-hop legends such as Biggie Smalls, Nas, KRS-One, Eric B & Rakim and more. The following song is called "Na Na Na" and with the type of instrumental and the vibe of the song, it takes me back like it could have been in an old school Grand Theft Auto III, Midnight Club 2 or a Need for Speed Underground video game. Inspectah Deck is back with another sick and gutter instrumental on the song "Chamber No. 9" which contains samples such as "Criminology" by Raekwon, "Bring Da Ruckus" and "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" by Wu-Tang Clan. So far, this is the hardest song of the album. Then we have the song "Certified" with another sick instrumental and the good rapping skills from Inspectah Deck. The conversations throughout the song, are samples from the famous movie "Scarface".

At the second half of the album, we have the song "24K" featuring Hellfire and Cappadonna. The beat has a nice gutter and gangster instrumental and it's followed by "What It Be Like" where the instrumental has that gangster and "creep on your enemy" type of vibe. The following song is called "Game Don't Change" and it has that New York hip-hop vibe. In this song, Inspectah Deck raps about how the hustling game works in the streets. "Dolla Signs" featuring Mz Geminii, is where Inspectah Deck raps about when you chase the money, you need to watch how things and people change around you, and you don't need to feel guilty in your process in getting money. That was Inspectah Deck's definition of C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me). Then we have "Who Run It" featuring Hellfire and Streetlife. The last song of the album is "Fire" featuring Trife Diesel where both rappers spit some fire lyrics on a good instrumental.

In overall, "Chamber No. 9" is an album that you can listen to nicely and quick because most songs in the album follow each other well. Inspectah Deck showed that he can still maintain his own lyrically and his abilities of rapping were on point on the album. As for the production and instrumentals of each song, they were well done and straight gutter, and if you're looking for some friendly corny rap songs, this album is unfortunately not for you, just like most real hip-hop albums.

Score: 3.8/5

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