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Erick Sermon is back with Vernia

EPMD member, Erick Sermon released his 8th solo album, "Vernia" this past Friday on April 19th. Erick has been in the hip-hop game since 1986 alongside his partner PMD and they've released 7 albums as a duo. Before releasing Vernia, the last time we've heard of E-Double was in 2015 with E.S.P. (Erick Sermon's Perception). For his new project, Erick got help from Keith Murray, Styles P, AZ, N.O.R.E, Xzibit, No Malice, Too $hort, Raekwon, David Banner and more. Vernia was released via Def Squad Records.

The album starts off with "Payne Intro" featuring RJ Payne. The whole verse of the song was from RJ Payne and it seems from my perspective, he freestyled his verse which makes it a good hip-hop song. The next songs "Wake Up/No Fear" and "Da Wave" has that old school hip-hop vibe and Erick Sermon delivered great punchlines on both songs. "Tha Game" is featuring AZ and Styles P. The song is a lyrical showdown between the three MCs where they discuss what happened with the hip-hop scene, how they are not impressed and how some of the new generations of rappers don't have the soul and heart of hip-hop when they rap. Tha Game has that Marvin Gaye vibe on the hook. The next song is called "Go" featuring No Malice, Try Bishop and Kaelyn Kastle. So far from the album, Go is the most beautiful song of the album with a great theme regarding young black men. Kaelyn Kastle did a good job interpolating Lauryn Hill's "Lost Ones". The song "My Style" is featuring Raekwon and N.O.R.E and "That Girl" featuring Big K.R.I.T. and Rico Barrino is subject to girls with nice bodies.

Halfway through the album, we have the song "Cabinet" where this might be one of my favorite song from the album. In the song, Erick raps about which rapper he would like to have in his cabinet if he would run for President of the United States. The following song is "Stay Real Pt. 2" featuring Nature and Keith Murray. "Zion" is featuring Xzibit, David Banner and Shaquille O'Neal. The song is where the rappers talk about their OG status in the hip-hop game and yes, Shaq sounds better than these so-called new rappers. The song "May Sound Crazy" is featuring Too $hort and Devin The Dude and the beat has that nice Zapp & Roger vibe thanks to the production from west coast producer Battlecat. "300 E" is a memory lane song where Erick Sermon tells a story about driving his Mercedes 300 E as a young producer and rapper during his hip-hop journeys. "Vernia" is the last song of the album. The song is where Erick reminisces about his grandmother and what she has done for him and his family and that one day he will see her again.

33 years in the hip-hop scene and The Green-Eyed Bandit is still going strong. With the help of his friends, Erick Sermon delivered a fantastic work of art with Vernia. It was a pure hip-hop content and the production was great. I like how the music production did not try to adapt to the new type of hip-hop beat going on today and Erik Sermon stayed himself. Who said hip-hop was a young men game.

Grade: 4.5/5

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