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Killa Cam surprises us with Purple Haze 2 before the Holidays!

Dipset fans are in for a treat 5 days before Christmas as 10 years since releasing his last album, Diplomats member Cam'ron released his 7th album on November 20th, 2019 called Purple Haze 2 under Killa Entertainment. The album features Jim Jones, Wale, Max B, Mimi, Disco Black, and Shoota93. With The Diplomats who released their album Diplomatic Ties last year in November and Jim Jones who released a good album called El Capo earlier this year in May, let's see if Cam'ron can still deliver as well.

Purple Haze 2 starts with the track "Toast To Me" and with the production from The Heatmakerz, the instrumental of the song is good with the nice use of a sample. Next up, is the song "Medellin" with a nice bass for the instrumental. With his lyrical and his flow abilities, Cam'ron raps about how he is still the Mack to the ladies who work for him in the streets of Harlem. "Losin' Weight 3" is where Cam'ron raps about his upcoming days in the streets to now and the ones who helped him during that time. The instrumental with the piano in the back makes the vibe of the song even better, a nice track from Cam'ron. Then we have the song "K.O.P." followed by "I Don't Know" featuring Wale. This song has a nice 80's vibe from the sample "Could It Be I'm In Love" from Minnie Riperton and if you're Cam'ron fan, you know he has a lot of 80's samples in his songs throughout his hip-hop career. Overall the song is nice to listen to, good verses from Cam'ron and Wale lyrically did his thing as well. "Big Deal" is another nice song with a good sample use from the song "Gone and Never Coming Back" by Melanie Fiona, and the production from The Heatmakerz was done well. We are not getting any break from Cam'ron as he's giving us back to back solid tracks. This time it's with the song "Fast Lane" produced again by The Heatmakerz, where Cam'ron did some good wordplay and lyrical delivery. He raps in this song about the encounter he had with Suge Knight in a club in Los Angeles to his record deals with Jay-Z and Damon Dash. The following song called "The Right One" has a good street instrumental with a 2000s vibe.

Halfway through the album so far, Cam'ron has been delivering the vintage Killa Cam we all know. The song "This Is My City" is a nice story-telling song from Cam'ron about him growing up in Harlem on the same block as Big L and Max B. Nice smooth instrumental with a nice featuring from Max B. With another song featuring Max B, "Keep Rising" changes the vibe of the album to a dancing vibe as Cam'ron raps in one of the most sampled songs in hip-hop, "All Night Long" by The Mary Jane Girls. The following song is called "The Get Back" featuring Mimi, and the instrumental gives a vibe of a street version of Broadway and I also like how Cam still makes fun of Billy O'Reilly since his 2003 interview with Bill alongside Damon Dash. Feel free to watch that throwback interview on Youtube. Then we have two other songs with nice instrumentals, "Just Be Honest" with a nice hook from Mimi and "Ride The Wave." The following song is called "Killa Bounce." which has a semi-trap vibe which made the song just ok. The song "Believe In Flee" has a good instrumental and the sample of "You Got To Believe" by The Pointer Sisters was a good addition to the song. What a way to finish the album with the song "Straight Harlem" featuring Jim Jones and Shoota93. Everything about this song is great, the beat production, the Big L sample from his song "Flamboyant", and Cam'ron went hard on his verse while Jim Jones delivered his verse with a smooth flow.

Following the first Purple Haze that was released on December 7th, 2004, Cam'ron did not disappoint at all with PH2. We got the vintage Killa Cam with his nice lyrical wordplay and the samples of 80's songs he always samples. The album doesn't have the Dipset vibe like the first Purple Haze, but it's still a good album to listen to. The production of the album was on point and the use of the samples was very good. Cam'ron did deliver before the end of 2019!

Score: 3.7/5

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