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Laval and Montreal, enter RWorld!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

As hip-hop fans or listeners around the world, we've been mostly exposed to American hip-hop or French rap from France, which makes it hard for some people to support their local artists who are not from the United States of America. For those who've been reading my reviews and articles, and don't know by now, I come from a city called Laval which is the North Shore of Montreal, Quebec. Since high school, I've been familiar with artists from Laval such as Thug One and High Klassified (who was one of the 3 producers of Future's "Comin' Out Strong" featuring The Weeknd). One particular artist that has been putting work on his underground music is 25 years old, RWorld.

Growing up and residing in Laval with an Italian father and a Canadian mother, RWorld always had an interest in music from a very young age because his parents would listen to vinyl from Michael Jackson, The Eagles, etc. His interest in music then shifted to hip-hop and rap alongside his older brother Jordan. Before becoming an artist, RWorld musical influences were Dr. Dre, 2Pac, 50 Cent, and J. Cole, and the first song he ever rapped to was "Changes" by 2Pac. He used to print the lyrics and learn them on his way to school. In 2006 by the age of 12 years old, he started making his own mixes of songs that were coming out at the time, and to make sure he was up to date with the hottest songs during that time, he'd go to his grandmother's house to watch BET who was feeding him the weekly news on hip-hop music.

Now that we know a little bit about RWorld's background, let's go to his artistic side. From doing song mixes to sing/rap over hip-hop beats, RWorld also produces tracks. He started with a basic program called AcidPro from Sony that his brother Jordan discovered for him. At the beginning, it all started as a hobby for RWorld and Jordan, they even had fun with the DJ mixer program, Virtual DJ but when things got more serious and it began to be more than just a hobby for RWorld, he started using programs like Logic and FL Studio to make his beats but nowadays he mostly uses Logic.

I met RWorld back in October 2015 and we got along well because of our interest and passion for music and I knew his brother Jordan since high school. I remember RWorld showing me video snippets of himself making beats in his basement. The one I remember the most was where he remade Baby Bash's "Suga Suga". You can find this snippet video on his Instagram profile @Rworld__. RWorld was ready to put his songs to the world on Soundcloud. One or two years later I got invited to an event where RWorld was performing with his buddy Donato. Both artists put out an EP together on SoundCloud called "Croc Tuition" in 2018. In his early songs around 2017, my impression on RWorld was a good one. He had a good flow, he knows how to use his voice as an instrument following the beat and in my personal opinion, in certain songs, his tone and flow reminds me of Drake.

For the past 2 years, RWorld has been releasing singles, videos and he has been appearing on different Montreal and Laval artists' music such as Donato, Soul.I.Am, J. Fernandez, and others. Now I know I've said in the beginning of this article, we're all about supporting our local hip-hop artists but as big and diverse that hip-hop has become today, where does RWorld categorize himself in that genre. First of all, he puts himself as a producer, songwriter and music engineer, and when it comes to his vibe of music, the type of music he's doing can be from Trap Soul to Hard Trap. When it comes to producing his music, RWorld is also into the Lofi vibe and depending on how he is feeling the mix of his 808's elements, it helps him decide the type of mystical, angelic or hype of music he is trying to do. From my perspective of listening to him, RWorld's vibe is around soul, rock trap and a little of R&B. It doesn't mean that you won't also catch him spit some bars, which he did on Soul.I.Am.'s "440 Highway". RWorld's latest released tracks are"Catch Me", "Better Off", "Island Girl" featuring Sonny Vega and "It's Not You". The cool thing about RWorld as an artist, not only he wants to represent Montreal, but he also wants to put it down for Vimont which is his neighborhood in Laval where he grew up and currently residing.

RWorld is not only trying to put himself out there as an artist but also as a brand. With the help of the clothing store brand called Replica that is located in Montreal, you can catch RWorld's own clothing mark over there with the logo RW.

At this moment, RWorld doesn't think it's the right time for him to release a 7+ track project as he is testing his listeners for critics. For now, his goal as an artist is to be consistent while making noises behind the scenes. After reading this article, if you haven't heard of RWorld before, you can follow him on his Instagram page, his youtube channel, his Spotify page and you can also check out his early songs on his SoundCloud page.





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