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Noetic The Poetic's journey through a Rogue Wave

It's time to go out of the ordinary with my reviews. I had the chance to talk with a local artist from Arizona named Noetic The Poetic. He just released his third album Rogue Wave which came out on October 23rd, 2020 and it's available on every streaming platform.

The 29-year-old artist started singing around the age of 12 years old because he used to like to sing along to other songs. Noetic was into choir music and beautiful instrumentals, and he would sing every day John Legend's "Ordinary People" just to practice his singing. At first, he wasn't that much of a hip-hop fan but when he started to freestyle in high school just for fun, his schoolmates would tell him that he could spit some bars. That's when he got more into hip-hop and he got influenced by hip-hop artists who could rap conscious stories like Nas, 50 Cent, and DMX. Before I start writing about his musical work, Noetic used to call himself, Drizzle and his younger brother who is also a rapper, calls himself Trizzle and they would call themselves the TouchDown Boyz as a group. Later on, Noetic changed his name to Noetic The Poetic because of his way of rapping, and his brother now goes by the name of Uhnigma.

As a hip-hop fan and a hip-hop artist, Noetic feels that hip-hop was created for the people from the streets to create art with their struggles and their pain, and paint that art into words over beats. We both agreed that hip-hop nowadays on the mainstream radio is mostly about a catchy repeating hook over a catchy beat. Which is where Noetic differs himself from that category because when I asked him about what type of genre or style is he categorizing his music? Of course, he replied with hip-hop and R&B, but he's feeling that his music is slowly changing because of the circumstances that can go on in his life, but he is always growing as a man and a human being which always pushes him to be more conscious about his music. Like I stated earlier Noetic released his 3rd album which is Rogue Wave but including this project, he released 3 albums and 1 mixtape. His mixtape came out 5 years under the name of The Cure which features his brother Uhnigma and is entirely produced by a producer named Pandabase who also grew up in California and moved to Arizona where he met Noetic. Panda is They both worked together on Noetic 2 first albums Umbrella (2018) with the single "Winnin'", and the second album being Natimind (2019). Natimind has the same cover of Mos Def and Talib Kweli's Black Star album, which was to pay an homage to the two emcees. What I realized by quickly listening to Noetic previous works as he told me, he is growing as an artist and his lyrics are more focused on himself about not worrying about anything or anyone. One song we could all relate to from his second album is "Bad Dreams" as we are all victims of our own thoughts and we're just caught up about society making us think we're doing the wrong things, but these are just bad dreams.

For his new album Rogue Wave, Noetic did not work with his usual producer Panda. He worked with a new producer by the name of SimplySavage from Philadelphia who he met through Instagram, and they've built a good relationship between artists in the past 3 years while working on Rogue Wave. The production of the album and the beats themselves are smoother than Noetic previous work, and Noetic is still spitting some good bars. Noetic's focus on this album by doing more singing. His singing on this album gave me The Weeknd vibes like songs "N2Deep", "Just Breathe" and "Smooth Sailing". He does a good job of doing transition singing and rapping on the song like "Unapologetic", yet he still did his thing by rapping some good bars on the song "No Chances". Despite doing a lot of his work with his producer Pandabase, Noetic's flow also fits well on SimplySavage's beat and it seems it challenged Noetic to rap with a different producer. The songs though that did not do it for me like "Bag", as I wasn't a fan of the hook because of the singing that sounded a bit off on my personal view, and as for the song "Wave" the hook was good but I felt a lack of energy on the beat as a whole because it felt slow. The energy came back on the following song "No Chances" as I felt Noetic was rapping with a purpose and around the 2:16 mark, he just spits bars like it was freestyle. I love how the instrumental "N2Deep" was put together with some good sound effects in the background, and the singing of Noetic gives the beat a wonderful vibe. On the song "Over Now", he talks about his past struggles and how heavy it was, but he is glad that weight is off him which makes him feel grateful. The song that stood out for me and my personal favorite is "Just Breathe" because Noetic's mix of singing and his ability to rap good bars with his fast flow gave the album the best vibe.

The album Rogue Wave shows how far Noetic The Poetic came far as a personal artist if you listen to his previous albums. When I first listened to Rogue Wave, I thought there were two different artists, a singer and a rapper but it turned out it was all Noetic, which makes a good artist when you transition yourself from a singer to a rapper. The song "No Quarter" might not be on his album, but it's on Spotify and I suggest to go listen to it because Noetic raps about the reality of racism and danger for an African American in the U.S.A., and that black people are fed up of fighting their rights for the past decades. Noetic wanted to promote this song on social media but it was put down for lyricism being too "harsh", yet we let songs like WAP everywhere on the internet.

Follow Noetic the Poetic on his Instagram @noetic_the_poetic, and his producers @simplysavagebeats and @panda_base, @panda.base.records for the record label founded by both Noetic and Pandabase.

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