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Silver Lining by Tako.to

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Remember Tako.to, the young beatmaker from Laval who dropped his first EP in June 2019 called Memories. I remember songs like "Le Seducteur", "Pain", "I Still Care" and my favorite from that project "B.Ad Tr.Ip", they were good songs to listen to and to relax to from the LoFi beatmaker. Now we're a year later since, and Tako released his second LoFi project titled Silver Lining, and I was lucky enough to be at the listening gathering at Parc Jarry in Montreal this past Saturday, June 20th. On a personal note, it was nice to see my friends/family and to meet some new people, especially at a time we are right now due to Covid-19 and don't worry everybody was safe and followed the safety rules. Back to Silver Lining, I had to give it back a listen after the listening party during the weekend, not only to support my friend but as a music passionate and as my job and hobby to write this article/review on this one.

First off, what makes Silver Lining more special and important than Memories, this is Tako's first released project under a label which is called Sub River Record located in Laval, Quebec. The label consists of 4 founders, Elie, Patrick, Jeremy, and Johnny who came together, and they make their own music from any genre. With Silver Lining, this makes Tako the first signee and artist to the label and drop an album excluding the founders of Sub River Record.

Just like Memories, Silver Lining is a 12-track instrumental of songs and it gives you a thrill of different relaxing vibes from the start of the 55 seconds instrumental "So Into You" followed by "Pleasure". On the "Pleasure" track, around the 56-second mark, I thought the voice I heard in the instrumental was either Kendrick Lamar or Tako himself, but Tako confirmed me himself that this is a quick sample from the first 3 seconds of the late Prodigy's "Keep It Thoro" which is crazy because this is one my favorite Prodigy's song. Another coincidence, the day of Silver Lining listening, also marks the 3-year anniversary of Prodigy's death, R.I.P. P! The third instrumental "Dreams" has that special playful sound that reminded of Tako's "B.Ad Tr.Ip" which is the reason why I loved that song. There's something about that sound that Tako made, that makes me love it because it's a joyful one, this should be Tako.to's signature sound. Speaking of sounds, I love how Tako inserted bird sounds and finger-snapping into the track "Snowbird" and made it so relaxing that you can close your eyes and feel that you're in a peaceful park. "Once Upon a Time" was first released by Tako himself on May 26th with some nice visuals followed by the track "Like Someone in Love" where it starts to relax with a little yelling effect in the background then around the 1:15 mark, a nice and beautiful guitar that comes out of nowhere from one of the 4 Sub River Record founder, Elie. Nice featuring and guitar Elie.

The LoFi vibes continue with the track "The Space Between Us" and I love the piano riff with the percussions and the finger-snapping add-ons. The following 3 tracks have more of that in your feeling's vibe like "Come to Me" followed by "Navi's Wing" which is a nice track I enjoyed with the background sample vocals of a lady. The track "Silver Lining" is kind of the same vibe as "Navi's Wing" but this time we have a man in the background for the vocals. Maybe the man and the lady are married, who knows. We have a nice relaxing vibe from the track "Just For A Moment" and the track "Enivrez-Vous" is a romantic slow vibe that you can enjoy with your loved one just sitting down and enjoying the vibe.

What to say about my brother Tako.to's project Silver Lining; it was just nice to listen to it and it created a good vibe in my head and the cover art of the album is amazing. This is an upgrade from Memories, and as a beatmaker, you could feel and understand the creativity of the art from Tako regarding his feelings as an artist. My favorite stand-out tracks from Silver Lining are "Dreams", "Like Someone in Love" and "Just For A Moment". After listening to the album a couple of times, at one point I was telling myself not only I'm enjoying this, but I'm also listening to a project of one of my friends like it was a project from a known artist, it's crazy. Silver Lining is available on Spotify and the website of Sub River Record with the following link underneath.


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