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Smif-N-Wessun delivers "The All"

The rap duo Smif-N-Wessun, composed of Tek and Steele, have released a new album entitled, "The All" on February 22nd,h 2019. The group has not released an album since 2011, which was a collaborative album with the legendary New York producer, Pete Rock. For those who are not familiar with the duo, Smif-N-Wessun are rappers from Brownsville Brooklyn since 1993, and are most known for their hit single, "Bucktown". The All is an album of 12 songs, the featured artists are Rick Ross, Raekwon, Rapsody, Musiq Soulchild and others and the album it's mostly produced by 9th Wonder.

"The Education of Smif-N-Wessun" is the introduction of The All. On this intro, you can see a humble and woke Smif-N-Wessun. They break it down about the culture vultures not respecting the music business, to a dedication to the late Sean Price. The introduction finishes with a sample of a speech from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan about, "You Owe it all to God". The second song is called "Testify", where the duo reminisce about what they've accomplished in their hip-hop career and they don't need to dumb down their songs to be relevant. "Dreamland" is featured Raekwon and Heather Victoria. The song sounds like a good street ballad, where all three rappers rap about the people that were there in their lives when they were younger and pursuing a dream.

The fourth song of the album is "Ocean Drive" featuring Rapsody and Musiq Soulchild. A nice beat to bop your head to and an extra soul from Musiq Soulchild, Ocean Drive is a song about being with your ride or die girlfriend or wife, who can make you a better man and a perfect partnership, and you know Rapsody had to lay down her verse to let the fellas know how it's going down, ( and I still don't know why people are still sleeping on Rapsody as a female rapper, and they have the audacity to say there are no good female rappers out there). So far, Ocean Drive is one of my favorite track from the album. "Let It Go" is the following track, and it doesn't go more straight gutta hip-hop when it comes with the beat, the flow of the duo and the lyrical delivery of the song. "Letter 4 U" featuring SmittytheCAINSMITH is a beautiful song where both Tek and Steele raps about their family and friends they love, who are not in their lives anymore.

Halfway through the album, we have the song "Let Me Tell Ya" featuring Rick Ross. Great song by all three rappers, and don't get it twisted, I don't think Ross took shots at Kanye West on the song, he just said he misses the old Kanye like every single one of us. The next song, "The A.L.L." is another track that is just straight lyrical street hip-hop. The 9th track of the album, "We Good" featuring GQ and Heather Victoria is a great song about being grateful for life and always being yourself by doing what's best for you. One great line from the song is: "A person can be rich and be still poor." The next song "StahfAllah" is similar to Let It Go and The A.L.L., which is another street hip-hop lyrical song. Then we have the song "Illusion", and the album finishes with "One Time" where the rap duo makes everybody remember who they are, who they have influenced and to never leave their name out of a rap or east coast conversation.

This is my first time listening to a Smif-N-Wessun album, and I got to say I enjoyed every song of the album which made me want to listen to their older stuff. On The All, Tek and Steele have provided some true art form of pure east coast hip-hop. The beats were well produced, both rappers had nice flows and a very good lyrical delivery. I liked the J. Dilla type of vibe at the end of a couple of tracks and there were a couple of songs with some deep messages. If you love some pure hip-hop, The All is an album you must listen to

Grade: 4.6/5

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