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Tee Grizzley's well crafted scripture!

This past Friday, June 7th, 2019, rapper Tee Grizzley released his second album "Scriptures" which is executively produced by the heavyweight veteran hip-hop producer, Timbaland. Grizzley whose real name is Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr. is from Detroit Michigan and he was raised by his grandmother due to the fact that his parents were constantly being in and out of prison. In 2011, his mother was sentenced to 15 years to prison for drug trafficking and his father was murdered in 2012. While attending university, Grizzley had financial difficulties and he was arrested on July 1st, 2014. He was sentenced to 18 months to 15 years for robberies. While he was in prison, he began rapping and wrote his first mixtape, and after being released on October 16th, 2016, he released his first single "First Day Out" on November 2016 on Youtube, and it gained 2 million views in less than three weeks. His first album was called "Activated". After I heard of Tee Grizzley via Timbaland's Instagram and I listened to "First Day Out", I decided to give his new album "Scriptures" a listen, and with his background history, I feel this young brother has a lot to say. The album only features A Boogie Wit da Hoodie and YNW Melly.

The album is already starting with the song "God's Warrior" with a bangin' instrumental produced by Timbaland. On this song, Tee Grizzley had a very good flow and some of his lyrical punchlines were sick such as: "Chain hit like Ike Turner, But I don't beat bitches, I beat bodies, I just bought some reactions just to stomp a n***a in Versace, Call me Martin, I stay with the Tommy..., They like, Grizzley, bro you rich, why you thuggin'(Why am I thuggin'?), Big Meech was rich, ain't nobody asked why was he hustlin'(Why was he hustlin'?). The second song is called "Sweet Thangs" and on this hard and rough instrumental from Timbo, Grizzley raps about stealing and robbing anybody who wasn't down with him or his team. The following song "Heroes" is where Tee Grizzley raps about his heroes being wanted by the police and he explains how it goes down in the streets. However, in the outro of the song, Grizzley sings and concludes that he does not glorify that life and he did not enjoy that. Just like the two previous songs, "Heroes is produced by Timbaland and it fits Grizzley's flow well, and his singing at the end wasn't that bad. Track #4 is "No Talkin" and this beat also has a sick instrumental but it's produced by ATL Jacob and Chopsquad DJ. Grizzley delivered some good lyrical punchlines and you can hear on this beat that he was feeling himself pretty well, as he was stating that fake people should not talk about things they wouldn't do because he went there so he can recognize a fake, he also states that he runs Detroit and that he is a legend over there and don't talk about Eminem because he will kill you and him. I honestly think and confirm that this was not a diss towards Eminem, it was just a figure of speech, Grizzley was just pointed that he is about his business, not others, and for me, J. Dilla is the King of Detroit, just saying. In overall, another good song from Grizzley.

On the song "Had To", Tee Grizzley raps about the things he didn't feel like doing but he had to do it, such as lying to his girl or buying jewelry he knew that he could never get money back from. On the following song, "Locksmith" Grizzley approach the song differently as he decided to mix rapping and singing. The singing part was the longest and it fits the vibe of the instrumental very well. At the end of the song, he even interpolates E-40's "Sprinkle Me". Grizzley is back to the rapping with the song "Scriptures" and it has the same vibe as the first 3 songs of the album, a banging instrumental and a sick flow. Halfway through the album and I'm enjoying this album, no negative remarks so far.

On the second half of the album, we have the song "Locked Up" where's Grizzley raps and sings about losing his family through jail and death, and his friend YNW Melly who is currently being trialed for the death penalty for the murder of his two friends. The following song is called "Add Me Up" where he raps about the OGs who were supporting him and others who count him out and now all of a sudden, they want to collaborate. "More than Friends" is smoother than most of the other songs of the album, as Grizzley raps about seeing a girl and the status of their relationship. I like the smooth vibe of the beat and again Grizzley's flow suits Timbo's beat well. With the following songs "Overseas" and "Million Dollar Foreign", Grizzley is showing no sign of slowing down of making this album sound good. His way of rapping on the songs and the instrumentals were on point. "Preach" is the only song so far that made me felt that the song was just ok. A good instrumental but I got bored during the listening of the song. The album ends with the song "Young Grizzley World" featuring YNW Melly and A Boogie wit Da Hoodie. The instrumental is smooth with a nice sound effect in the back but the song did not do it for me because the more I listen to it, the more it sounds depressing but I understand the message behind this song with the life of these crazy streets. I guess I was so used to all the banging instrumentals throughout the album, that Grizzley had to tone it down a little bit.

As my first experience listening to a Tee Grizzley's project, I was really impressed. Grizley did a good delivery with his storytelling in the album with the assistance of Timbaland who served as an executive producer for the album. Other positive points of this album, it did not have any featuring guests except for "Young Grizzley World", and Tee Grizzley's singing was good too. He did not sound like he was whining compare to some of the new generation of rappers. A solid album from the 25-year-old rapper.

Score: 4/5

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