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The Game's final statement: "Born 2 Rap"

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

On November 29th, 2019, Westcoast rapper The Game released his 9th and final album of his hip-hop career and on top of that, he released the album on his 40th birthday. The final album is called Born 2 Rap, which was released under Game's new founded label Prolific and eOne. The Game was discovered in 2002 by Bay Area rapper JT The Bigga Figga by releasing mixtapes, which eventually led to being discovered by Dr. Dre that got him signed later on to Aftermath and G-Unit to start his rap career in 2005. During his 14 years hip-hop career, despite the differences he had with 50 Cent after releasing his first album The Documentary, Game released a lot of hit records and was recognized by west coast legends such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube that he was the new breed of the west coast in the mid-2000s. Game, later on, passed that torch to the new and younger generations of west coast rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, YG, Jay Rock, Dom Kennedy, just to name a few. Born 2 Rap features Ed Sheeran, Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy, Chris Brown, Miguel, Andersoon .Paak, Marsha Ambrosius, 21 Savage, D Smoke, J Stone, and others. With his last album being named Born 2 Rap and released on his 40th birthday, which is something really big, let's see if The Game goes out in style.

Born 2 Rap starts with the introduction song called "City Of Sin" featuring the help of Ed Sheeran where Ed is welcoming us to the city of Los Angeles on this smooth instrumental. The instrumental of the introduction switches to the next song called "No Smoke". The track features the drums played by Travis Barker with Miguel on the hook, while Game raps about his hip-hop status. The following track is "Five Hundred Dollar Candles" featuring Dom Kennedy and the instrumental of the song has a nice vibe to it. The beginning of the song reminds of Game's song called "Juice" from his previous album titled 1992, and Game explains in this song that all his lyrics and themes regarding gangbanging throughout his hip-hop career were his real-life situations and not an image. The song "The Light" was well produced and the sample from Common's "The Light" was well used in this song as well. Then we have the song called "Carmen Electra" featuring Mozzy, Osbe Chill and Tobi, and the song was just ok for me.

Track #6 is "Dead Homies" featuring Red Cafe followed by the song "Gold Daytonas" featuring Dom Kennedy which samples "Get Money" by Junior Mafia. "West Side" was the first released single from the album and The Game raps about how they do it in the West Coast on this dope instrumental. The video contains cameos from Dave East and actor and comedian Jackie Long, and the video is a resemblance to 2pac's video "California Love". Then we have the song "40 Ounce Love" featuring Just Liv, and the song has a nice instrumental, and it sounds like a track that Kanye West would have produced. On the song "Gucci Flip Flops", Game raps about reflecting about the year 2018 where he lost his father. He also raps on this song that even though he has a lot of money, he feels that he has more problems and that people who envy him shouldn't do that because his life is not easy.

"Born 2 Rap" is a great song where Game reminisces about his growth in his hip-hop career. The song has the same theme from Game's song called "Don't Need Your Love" from his first album The Documentary and Game interpolate "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" from The Geto Boys on the hook. The outro of the song is an interview with the late Nipsey Hussle where he talks about the first time he met The Game and that it was nothing but love and respect since that day. Speaking of Nipsey Hussle, he is featuring on this next song called "Welcome Home" which has a great instrumental with a nice sample in the background. The two rappers dedicated this song to all the young brothers to believe in themselves and to be about their businesses. Then we have an interlude called "Help Me" featuring Sly. The next song is "I Didn't Wanna Write This Song" featuring Dom Kennedy and Marsha Ambrosius, and this is where Game and Dom dedicate the song to their friend Nipsey Hussle as they still can't believe that he's gone. The instrumental of the song has the same similarity of 2 Pac's "I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto." Then we have the song "The Code" featuring 21 Savage.

The song "Stay Down" is featuring Bryson Tiller which is dedicated to the ladies. In his verse, The Game interpolates "Still Not a Player" by Big Pun. "Hug The Block" is where Game opens up about his toxic relationship with his brother Big Fase 100, and things did not get better between the two when their father passed away last year. The song's chorus interpolates Slum Village's song "Selfish." Then we have the song "Ask For Me" which has a dope instrumental. "Stainless" featuring Anderson .Paak is a great song that samples 2Pac's "Picture Me Rollin'." The Game raps about 2Pac, Dr. Dre, and Suge Knight from the Death Row days, and even though he was never affiliated with the label itself, he is doing it as a fan and as a tribute as well. "Gangstas Make The Girls Go Wild" is a good collaboration between Game and Chris Brown. At first, I thought the song sampled "Gangstas Make The World Go Round" by Westside Connection, but the credits confirm that it samples the original song "People Make The World Go Round" by The Stylistics.

The song "Blood Thicker Than Water" has a smooth instrumental and the production around the sample was well done. With the help of Trey Songz, Game raps about keeping your head up, never discourage yourself, and keep yourself motivated and focused while enjoying your life. "Rewind II" is a song where Game pays homage to Nas, as he redid Nas original "Rewind" that was released back in 2001. With the featuring appearances from J Stone and Masego, the song "One Life" is where the rappers talk about how life can be cruel because of the loss of their families and friends, and that they always have some people hating on them for no reason. The instrumental of the song is fantastic with a nice saxophone in the background. The song ends with a speech from the late Nina Simone. The following song is called "Cross on Jesus" featuring D Smoke. The song's themes are a mix of Jesus crucifixion, women and violence, and the rappers explain how people act in today's life is not that different from the days of Jesus. This is one of D Smoke first features since his big win from the Netflix series "Rhythm and Flow", and his flow reminds me of Kendrick Lamar's early days of rapping in his mixtapes as K Dot. The last song of the album is called "Roadside" featuring Ed Sheeran, and Game reflects on his past family member that passed away and other rappers we've lost these past years.

As Game's last album, I think it could have been better if he would have less than 25 songs because there are a bunch of non-necessary filler songs, and there are a bit of too many featuring artists in the album as well. The production of Born 2 Rap seems to be mixed up due to the fact there are different producers in the album. There's a bunch of really good songs but as one the albums I was anticipating the most in 2019, the delivery of Born 2 Rap was ok. Nevertheless, if this is really Game's retirement album, he left us some great materials for the past 14 years.

Score: 3.6/5

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