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The Ghost strikes again! As Styles drops another album this year.

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I don't know what's going with Styles P for the past 2 years, but he's been releasing 2 albums per year, 3 collaborative projects with Talib Kweli, Berner, and Dave East, and they all been fire. This year is no exception, even with the quarantine pandemic, Styles released his 13th album titled Styles David: Ghost Your Enthusiasm this past Friday, May 22nd. The album features Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Whispers, Cassandra The Goddess, and others. Let's see if Styles still has that fire in 2020 with this new album.

The album starts with an introduction called "Garfield" featuring ItsTheReal. The introduction is funny as the two brothers from the podcast ItsTheReal Jeff and Eric Rosenthal are having a phone discussion with Styles P, where Eric asks Styles P his opinion about bringing his girlfriend who's an Instagram model to meet his mother at dinner. It was a funny introduction if you ask me. The following song "Noah and David" starts the album with Styles rapping his usual lyrical style and, on the song, "Hundred", he raps about getting your grind and your mind right for better things. The first 2 songs are good from the album thus far. Then we have the song "California" featuring Whispers, which is a nice bumping track with a good vibe. "Truth Be Told" is where Styles get real and down with his lyrics and the hook he raps on this song is one of the coldest hooks I've heard In a while as it starts like this "Let The Truth Be Told, Let The Lies Be Told, Know The Good Die Young and May The Wise Get Old…". Then we have a skit called "Corona Kiss" with Jadakiss who does an acapella freestyle, Corona Style, and it was a dope one, that's why The Lox is one of the top illest groups in hip-hop. Then we have another real track from Styles called "Times" followed by the song "Homies" featuring Snyp Life which has a sick instrumental. Styles P and Snyp Life did a good job with this one, and the song sounds for the streets, but it's street knowledge for young brother and sisters to do something from what you learned from the cold streets, pay attention to Snyp Life's verse. The song is about a bunch of close friends who turned their rough past to a bright today a better future, if you have close friends like that, keep them in your circle.

Halfway through the album, Styles continues to have some dope songs with "I'm The Shit" and "Backpack Rap" featuring Cassandra the Goddess. These were real hip-hop lyrical tracks with a dope instrumental, and this girl Cassandra the Goddess killed her verse. Then we have another funny skit "Jewsbar" with the brothers from ItsTheReal podcast. "Ghost Vibe" is the most down to earth and serious song from the album where Styles raps about the lessons of life. Then we have the street songs called "Animals" featuring Sheek Louch and Goatkiller. The album finishes with the song "Next Event" which has a dope instrumental with a final lyrical flow from Styles P.

All I can say from Styles David: Ghost Your Enthusiasm, is Styles P is not slowing down. Like the song in the album, "Truth Be Told", I can see Styles P is getting wiser as he is getting older and he's enjoying the legit money and endorsements he has. As far as the album goes, it might be short, but I don't see myself skipping one song from it. The Ghost strikes again.

Lyrics: 5/5

Content: 4/5

Beat Instrumental: 4/5

Album Production: 3.5/5

Overall Score: 4.1/5

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