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The Hunting from The Goat : The Ghost of All Time!

Styles P from the legendary group The Lox released his 11th album, "S.P. The GOAT: Ghost of All Time" on May 3rd, 2019. His last works were in 2018 where he released his 10th album called "Dime Bag" and a collaboration album called "Beloved" with fellow New York rapper, Dave East. The featured artists on the album are, fellow Lox members Sheek Louch and Jadakiss, Whispers, Nino Man, Lil' Fame from M.O.P., Cris Streetz and the group D-Block Europe from London. Now for the non-regular hip-hop listeners, Styles P is the one who made the song Good Times better known as I Get High. I just had to throw that in, because every time that song comes on, some people always asked who is the guy rapping. Respect the Ghost!

The first songs on the album are "Push The Line" featuring Whispers and Sheek Louch, and "So Much To Say". Both songs are really dope and it starts the album with a mean street vibe. On "Push The Line", Sheek Louch had the best verse with his energetic flow. The following song is "Give N Take". Styles P explains in the song that in life anything can be good and bad. Sometimes if you want to build something, you have to break something. Basically, in life, you live and learn, you give and take, which I would like to call an equivalent exchange, which is why Styles P says in the outro of the song, "Walk your path, though, Stay cool, stay humble, Love is love". "Give N Take" is one of my favorite song in the album. "Deadman" is featuring Jadakiss with Nino Man on the hook. The instrumental of the song is another street vibe which is pretty common from Styles P or The Lox themselves. The lyrical delivery was on point from both Lox members and while Styles kept his lyrical content street, Jada also kept his lyrical content street but in a financial educational way. The next song is "Raw Dreams" and the hook was so deep that I think it might be one of my favorite bars from the album, "I'm prayin' to the heavens and I'm talkin' to the Father, But I'm high and I'm havin' raw dreams, Yeah, I hope the prayer register, I'm at the cash register and all I know is give me more cream." The following song "Filthy" is featuring D-Block Europe. The lyrical content from Styles P was dope as always but I wasn't a fan of the hook itself, which made the song just ok for me.

We are now halfway through the album with "The Professionals" featuring Lil Fame. The beat on the instrumental is one the hardest on the album which makes the song top 3 of the album. I would have like to see Pusha T on the song as well because the beat would have suited him and it would have been nice to see him go bar for bar with Ghost. "What's Up Boy" is featuring Nino Man and just like most songs on the album, the beat has a mean street vibe. The song "Change" is featuring Cris Streetz and just like the song "Give N Take", it has a smooth vibe to it. I think this could be my 3rd favorite song on the album with this one, as the lyrical content and delivery from Styles P were amazing. The content in the song was pretty deep as he raps about getting his due no matter what and how his mistakes and experiences in life made him a changed and a better man for his wife. Then we have the song "Out In The Jungle." Now I will have to revise my top 3 songs on the album, because the song "Really Us" has that gangster and funky sound altogether and again, Styles P lyrical delivery and his metaphors were crazy, especially on the second verse. The last song of the album is "I Ain't Shit". I can't complain about Styles P way of rapping on the song but the hook didn't do it for me and the instrumental was just ok.

With all the albums, the mix tapes, the collaborative projects, and features that Styles P has been doing for the past years, the 25 years MC veteran is showing no signs of slowing down. He did a good on the album, nothing too crazy but it's a quick 40 minutes album to listen to. Styles P showed that being a lyrical hip-hop MC is still his forte just like his longtime friend, Jadakiss who for me, is one of my favorite lyricist in the hip-hop game.

Score 3.8/5

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