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The Marathon Continues!

On this past Sunday, March 31st, 2019, we lost a rising rapper, an activist, an entrepreneur and a hero to his Crenshaw community by the name of Ermias Joseph Asghedom known as Nipsey Hussle at the age of 33 years old. I remember the first time I heard of Nipsey Hussle was through a good friend of mine in 2009. He made me heard the song "Roll the Windows Up." and I was sold to Nipsey ever since. We both told each other, that's the next Snoop Dogg. He was skinny like Snoop, hair breaded like Snoop, smooth like Snoop and a crip just like Snoop. Just like in his song from his last album, "Grinding all My Life", Nipsey came up from selling his mixtapes from a truck just like N.W.A. started, to making guest appearances on songs with Drake, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, T.I., and more, releasing mixtapes after mixtapes, owning his own label, owning his own clothing store "The Marathon Clothing" and releasing his first album "Victory Lap" last year which was nominated for best rap album at the Grammys. When I listened to his album last year, I was happy for Nipsey because he did come a long way, not only as a rapper but as a man. Seeing his first videos looking as young as me with no beard with long white tees to the man he was before his death, made me feel I was part of his marathon with him. I was happy and proud for him seeing him around great people like Master P, Puff Daddy, and Jay-Z because he was all about making big moves as a businessman and having a healthy proud relationship with Lauren London.

As an activist, aside from being part of the Rollin' 60s Crips, Nipsey was all about gang unification in Los Angeles. From his song "Fuck Donald Trump" with YG, investing and giving back to his community in Crenshaw, to plan on working on a documentary on Dr. Sebi, and before his death, Nipsey planned a meeting with the LAPD to prevent gang violence. Nipsey Hussle was really about the people, he was a voice for the voiceless and he was the true definition of a black leader. When I first heard that Nipsey Hussle was murdered, it made me sad and sick to my stomach, that a man who had everything for him such as success, wealth with a great mind and a good heart was killed just like that for free. I don't care how mad or how much you hate a person, killing a person like that is not a way to solve things. This clown who killed Nipsey did not only hurt Nipsey Hussle, but he hurt a lot of people by doing that.

Being from Canada, it's true I don't have to fear as much for my life as a black man, a black woman or a black child in America from the hands of an angry racist officer, and it makes me sick seeing those officers walking away with no consequences for killing my brothers and sisters from another country. But nothing makes me madder than when it's one of our kind who kills another brother just like the way they did Nipsey. There is no progress if a black man kills another black man, and for what, money, women, jealousy or hate. They did it to Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, 2Pac and many more, and now it happened to Nipsey Hussle. Black men in the USA, you are so quick to pull the trigger on one of your own, but I know you will hesitate more than twice before you do it to a white man because you know the consequences will be extremely severe. The death of Nipsey Hussle is not only about hatred around black people, but the hate around the world. We are so quick to hate and judge somebody for no reason, instead of sitting down and trying to get to understand one of each other. Yes, I do believe that a black man is a King and that a black woman is a queen, we are proud of we are, no disrespect to other nationalities, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't think the same about yours either.

Regarding Nipsey Hussle's death, I sincerely want to send my condolences to his family, his children, his fiancee Lauren London, his friends, and loved ones. I want to thank Nipsey Hussle for the great music he gave us and the knowledge he gave us about investing, working hard, never giving up and believing in your dreams. If you want to get to know the man a bit better, I suggest you watch a lot of his interviews; the man was waking. Thank you Nipsey, I was proud of being a fan of yours.

Rest In Power Young King!

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