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The Wisdom of Canadian and Laval local rapper, Laidback Gemini

A young rapper from Laval, Canada by the name of Laidback Gemini released his new latest project called From Shakespeare À Molière on October 23rd, 2020. Being influenced by rappers such as Guru, Snoop Dogg, Krayzie Bone, 2Pac, and Pimp C, the young Canadian rapper started rapping by the age of 14 years old which was just a hobby for him, but now he has been taking it seriously for the past 3-4 years as he now has a clear vision for what he wants to do with rap and the purpose regarding that. Growing up listening to hip-hop, Laidback Gemini would freestyle over instrumentals to perfect his craft, and it was at 14 years old that he wrote his first song with his brother called "Ride With Me".

From Shakespeare À Molière is a 6 track and 17-minute project and what makes it interesting is that Laidback Gemini did some songs in English and some in French with some Creole slang. Out of the 6 tracks, the ones where he raps in French are "Faut Que J'avance" and " From Shakespeare À Molière " where on this one he raps the first verse in English and the second verse in French. Just like his rap name, the songs and the beats on the project are laidback and his flow is smooth and mellow. Lyrically, he is well articulated both in English and French, you can feel and see the growth and wisdom in the lyrics he is saying. The first track which is titled "2020 Vision", a part of the piano instrumental has the same vibe of the beginning of the beat of "Shook Ones Pt. 2" by Mobb Deep. On the track "Faut Que J'avance" where he raps in French, he states how he is so focused on himself and his goals that he doesn't have time on things that don't concern him. The same topic comes back on the track "From Shakespeare À Molière" where he also states that he feels blessed and grateful for his current situation. My favorite track is "Wisdom" of course because of the instrumental but the way Laidback Gemini raps on it, is amazing especially how he makes almost every word rhyme which requires a lot of vocabulary, plus his flow sounds unique. I also like how he did a metaphor about referencing the city of Montreal by saying "The Land of The Poutine". On this 17-minute track, Laidback Gemini wanted to express his growth as a man and his wisdom from what he experienced, so it's worth the listen, especially if you love smooth instrumentals.

As said by Laidback Gemini himself, we can expect more from him constant growth and elevation as an artist. From Shakespeare À Molière is available on all streaming platforms as well as his other songs and Eps. You can follow him on Instagram, Face, Twitter, and Soundcloud @LaidBackGemini.

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