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TM104 - The Legend of The Snowman will be remembered!

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

One of the trap music forefathers, Jezzy is back with his 9th and final album "TM104: The Legend Of The Snowman" which was released on August 23rd, 2019 under the labels YJ Music, Inc and Def Jam Recordings. Before releasing his major debut album "Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101" in 2005 as Young Jeezy, he was known as Lil' J, releasing two albums under his independent label Corporate Thugz Entertainment between 2001 and 2003. During that period time, his good friend T.I. was laying down the foundation of Trap Muzik and told Young Jeezy to leave the dope game behind and get serious with the hip-hop scene. Jeezy took TIP's advice seriously and in 2004, he joined the group Boyz n Da Hood who was signed under Bad Boy Records and then he got a deal with Def Jam while Jay-Z was the president of the label, and the rest is history. Jeezy made himself his own man which he self-proclaimed himself an enTRAPeneur. The album TM104 features guests such as Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Ty Dolla $ign, Queen Naija, CeeLo Green, John Legend, Gunna and more.

The first song of the album is "The enTRAPeneur" and it starts with a speech about fear from motivational speaker Gary Vee. On this beautiful violin instrumental, Jeezy raps about his traping days, which is selling dope and cocaine, to give the streets motivation and inspiration during his rapping career and to now becoming a hood hero and entrepreneur. A good first beat to start with. The following song is called "Big Shit" and the instrumental is dope and Jeezy did a good job on making the hook catchy. On this song, Jeezy is reminding everyone that before him there was no Trap and that his previous albums define just that. "Look Like" is another song with a dope instrumental, and I like how he interpolates at the beginning of the song 2Pac's "Heartz of Men" same beginning "I was gonna start diggin' into these niggas' chest, rightWatch this Ay Quik, let me get them binoculars, nigga, the binoculars". So far with the first 3 songs of the album, Jeezy sounds hungry and grimey on his way of rapping which makes the album good. "Better Tell 'Em" is another song with a good street instrumental where Jeezy raps about his drug dealing days and paranoia of getting caught. Then we have the song "Mr. Pyrex" which is the continuous theme of the previous song "Better Tell 'Em" where Jezzy raps about how hard he was working in the kitchen to make his money and that type of work wasn't for the weak. The following song is called "Already Rich" and it features CeeLo Green. As CeeLo sings on the hook about being luxurious for the right woman, Jeezy raps about how hard he worked to get where he is now no matter what the risk, and ups and downs, and he did not let anybody stand in his way.

"1 Time" was the first song I heard from the album before it got released and it got me excited for the release of the album. As Jeezy reflects again about his old days making money, the instrumental was great as it samples one of my favorite Jay-Z's songs, "Stick 2 The Script" featuring Beanie Sigel and DJ Clue. Then we have the songs "Oh Yea" featuring Ball Greezy and "White Keys", and as both instrumentals were good, the songs were ok. "MLK BLVD" is featuring Meek Mill and the instrumental of the song sounds like both rappers are ready to go to war against their haters and Amerikkka. Jeezy and Meek did not hold back on their verses to say what was on their mind, rapping about their success, the injustice towards them in the past and other black individuals, and the fight for the power of freedom just like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks did. Then we have "'06" featuring Rick Ross, and Jeezy was also featured on Ross last album "Port of Miami 2" which was released earlier this month on August 9th, 2019. It's nice to see that both rappers have put their differences aside. The next song is called "Don't Make Me" where Jeezy still raps again about where he comes from and his hustling days.

"Fake Love" features Queen Naija, and Jeezy raps about people who said that were his homies, were the first ones to backstab him and left him down when he needed them the most. A nice sweet instrumental with Naija on the hook, and go listen to Queen Naija's first project and EP "Queen Naija" which was released last summer on July 2018. Then we have the song "All Night" featuring Gunna. "4Play" featuring Ty Dolla $ign is a song where Jeezy raps about getting the attention of a specific girl he likes and he only needs one night to prove to her that he can provide her with anything she needs and that he can be serious. The song "Play It Safe" is featuring Noah Scharf and it's about if a girl is worth the risk if she has a lot of issues, and the following song is called "Don't Forget". The last song of the album is called "The Real MVP" featuring John Legend on the hook. The song is a letter that Jeezy is rapping to his mother as he reflects when he was younger and gave her a lot of stress because trouble was always in the way but his mother always prayed and had faith that her son will always be all right. The song ends with a speech from Kevin Durant when he won the NBA MVP of the year in 2014 and he was talking about his mother raising him and that she was the real MVP.

For the past year, I was hype for Jeezy's album because he was posting a lot about it on Instagram. Was it worth the hype? Well, for the first half of the album, yes but after a while, it was redundant hearing Jeezy rapping about his drug dealing days and some songs were just ok. If the album was only 13 songs long, it would have been perfect. In overall, I still enjoyed Jeezy's last album, as he did provide a good story about his past, to his rapping career and to becoming a successful entrepreneur. It was indeed a motivational and inspiring story, and we can honestly say that him, T.I. and Gucci Mane led the foundation for today's Migos, Young Thug, and sorry I don't know who else is the trap music scene as it is not my cup of tea. Let's not forget also who were the true south kings and founders like UGK, The Geto Boys, OutKast, Master P, Goodie Mob, 8Ball & MGJ, DJ Screw and more. It would be nice if we could have a collaboration album between Jeezy and T.I., who knows.

Score: 3.3/5

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