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Tomorrow came for Maino!

Jermaine Coleman better known as Maino is a rapper from Brooklyn New York. Maino never had the intention of becoming of a rapper, but in the early 90's, he was incarcerated to 5-15 years of prison for drug related kidnapping so out of boredom, he started rapping by listening to DJ Clue's mixtape. When Maino was released from prison in 2003, Maino launched his own independent record label, "Hustle Hard Entertainment". In 2005, he was signed to Universal Records but he then split with the label. He then signed himself and his own label to Atlantic Records to release his first album "If Tomorrow Comes...". Prior to that, Maino released 8 mixtapes before dropping his first album. "If Tomorrow Comes..." was released on June 30th, 2009, and it features B.G., Swizz Beatz, T-Pain, Trey Songz and PUSH! Montana.

The first song of the album is "Million Bucks" featuring Swizz Beatz. The song introduces us to a humble Maino who feels good to see another day and having money that he never thought having, and he and Swizz are feeling like giving away some of that money to the less fortunate in Brooklyn. As the first track from the album, you know when you had a Swizz Beatz production beat, you know it will be a banger. After the first track, we have our first skit from the album called, "Scene 1: If Tomorrow Comes" where Maino speaks about being released from jail and since he's been giving a second chance to see tomorrow, he will do anything in his power to do good for himself. The following song is "Back To Life" featuring PUSH! Montana, and the song tells the story of Maino being back home with big plans awaiting for him. The first verse is where Maino speaks to his homie about getting money from rapping instead of selling drugs, the second verse is where Maino is on the phone with his sidechick and she tells him she wants to hook up with him after not seeing him for 10 years, and the third verse is a conversation between Maino and his parole officer. "Remember My Name" has a motivational vibe into the song and yes, the person on the hook sounds like Akon but it's not. The next song is "Gangsta" featuring B.G., and so far this is the hardest song from the album. Both rappers talk about how they keep it G on this hardcore instrumental, and you know you can't have a gangsta song without B.G. aka Baby Gangsta; Free B.G.!

The next skit is "Scene 2: The Meeting" where Maino introduces himself and his music to the legendary mixtape DJ, DJ Kay Slay. The following song is "All of The Above" featuring T-Pain. Maino raps about rising above everything and realizing his dreams. The song has the same instrumental elements, vibe and lyrical content as T.I.'s "Live Your Life" featuring Rihanna and both songs are produced by Just Blaze. Then we have the song "Here Comes Trouble". The song has a heavy bass with a good instrumental from production team J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. The next skit is "Scene 3: Hating", where some homies are listening to Maino's album and one guy just press stop and starts hating on Maino and what he's going to rap about because Maino has been to jail for 10 years. The skit is followed by the song "Hi Hater" which is one of Maino most popular song. There's also a remix with T.I., Swizz Beatz, Plies, Jadakiss and Fabolous. "Let's Make a Movie" where Maino raps about having sex with a woman and records all the action, basically he raps about doing a sex tape, and then we have "Kill You" where Maino threats that he's going to kill his baby mama.

"Scene 4: Contemplating" is a skit where Maino reflects on his past and his problems, and he's thinking that maybe all of his haters were right about him. Then we have the following songs "Runaway Slave" and "Soldier". The song "Hood Love" is featuring Trey Songz and Maino raps about the love he gets from his hood. "Floating" is a song where Maino raps about his dead friends and seeing his friends struggling which causes Maino a lot of pain. He explains in the songs that drinking and smoking made the pain go away. The final skit is "Scene 5: The Phone Call" where Maino receives a phone call from Atlantic Records but Maino thought it was a prank call so he hung up the phone but he receives the same call after and Atlantic Records said that they heard Maino's music and they wanted to meet up with him. The last song of the album is "Celebrate" and Maino raps about his happiness to have finally overcome his struggle, being wealthy and successful by celebrating with his loved ones and celebrating for his friends who are not with him anymore. He also took the time to throw a lot of thank yous to his son, his family, his friends, Atlantic records and everyone else who supported him, which is why the song is 10 minutes long.

To conclude, even though Maino never thought of being a rapper, his first album is good, The way he shares his story throughout the album is motivational and inspiring. I haven't listened to a lot of Maino's song before but by following him on Instagram and watching his interviews, I always had a respect for his personality which was the reason why I did a review on his album. The content on his album reminded me of T.I. when he first starting rapping.

Score : 3.3/5

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