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Welcome to Tako.to's LoFi World

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

"Tako.to" is a young beatmaker from Laval, Canada. His interest in making beats came to life when he started playing video games at a young age. As Daft Punk being his first musical inspiration, Tako started making random electronic beats because of them. In the past 3 years, Tako switched his style from electronic beats to making LoFi beats when he started listening to bsd.u and Tomppabeats and he has a "crush sound" on bsd.u beats. What is LoFi Hip-Hop, you might ask, well it's a mashed up of traditional hip-hop and jazz elements to create a relax atmospheric instrumental environment, and the random videos on LoFi instrumentals are mostly scenes of our favorite and popular cartoons and anime. The closest producer I can name who makes LoFi beats, is the late J. Dilla and we have LoFi hip-hop artists such as Madlib, MF Doom, Earl Sweatshirt, Kid Cudi and much more. Back to our friend Tako, he released around 11 instrumental demos on his Soundcloud and this past June 22nd, he released his first project called "Memories" on Spotify.

The project is 13 instrumental tracks of a total of 20 minutes long and the beats have an average of 1 minute and 30 seconds each. Most of the instrumentals have that vibe where you drink a hot chocolate or a tea and you're staring at the rain through the window. What I enjoyed from Tako.to's project and most LoFi beats I've listened to before, it gives you that relax Sunday vibe where you just don't do anything and you let the beat caress your eardrum. Ok, that sounded weird!! Listening to the project, I can assume and feel that the theme of the project is mostly about loving or caring for someone, especially with titles such as "Pain", "Amour Inconditionnel (Unconditional Love)", "Le Seducteur (The Seducer)" and "I Still Care About You". As a hip-hop fan, I am not too familiar with LoFi beats or the vibe, so I can't really have a big opinion on Tako's work but I did enjoy listening to his project. The beats are beautiful, enjoyable, sad and all I can say it's a different vibe from what I'm used listening to but I like it. I felt like you can feel the artist's emotions and feelings behind each beat. My favorite beat is "B.Ad Tr.Ip" with the help of another beatmaker by the name of grindmaster who also helped on the beat "Solitude". One thing I've noticed on the beat "Le Seducteur", I thought I heard a sample of Wu-Tang Clan's "Can It Be All So Simple" starting around 0:50, but I think my ears might be playing tricks on me.

Now if you're a fan of LoFi beats, instrumentals or a relaxed vibe, I suggest you go listen to

Tako.to's "Memories". It's available on Spotify, and you can check out his previous on his Soundcloud page.

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